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Melody Alex. Patrick, whose real name is Alexandra Debon, is a multi-talented French artist.

Coming from a cinematographic background, a master's degree which she obtained at the University of Montreal (Canada) then at the University of Paris III, Sorbonne-Nouvelle, her first passion has always been music but it escaped among photographic art, writing and therefore cinema.

The years 2018 and 2019 mark a major turning point in her artistic life: She signed two film soundtracks with director and producer Nicole Baron (Le Choc and Derrière lesoreille) and also played the leading role in the latter, that of a young autistic woman.

Also in 2019, a song, "Redemption I'm Crying," allows her to be among the members of SACEM, and she, who has always had great difficulty in combating invasive stage fright, finds the freedom to express herself through song.

Like any artist, she stopped her activities during the pandemic and also became the leader of a company. His vision of dematerialized education to serve neuro-divergent people is noted. In 2022, she was received at the Elysée for her project and the same year also became an LGBT+ Role Model in the “Leaders” category.

In 2023, she ceased all activity to devote herself to music and its production.


She has 20 years of songs kept hidden, mainly in English, which will gradually see the light of day from September 2024.

Photo Behind the ears.png

Film “Behind the Ears”
Nicole Baron

Produced: Cinemad


Click on the image to listen to the interview.

Radio France
France Blue Roussillon
Show by Sebastien Giraud

November 21, 2019


BO recording
Nicole Baron
Produced: Cinemad

Opening night Perpignan LGBT+ Film Festival
"So what !?" 2016
Concert at P'tit Mailly
Program Thursdays of Perpignan 2018
Open Scene 66
Programs for 2020 and 2023
La Strada Vintage Café
LBSA Festival 2023
E-Ko Land
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